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Tao Fundamentals - An Introduction to Taoist Internal Alchemy

A weekend course covering the Fundamental QiGong and Meditative Practices of The Universal Healing Tao

In the first part of the course we learn simple Iron Shirt Structure, allowing the body to show us what our individual perfect structure is. We use this to unify our body and connect it deeply into the earth. While practicing this we discover the possibilities of breath, using the diaphragm to facilitate Complete Breathing to maximise the oxygen content in the blood. We learn how to drink the energy of life.

We find our centre of gravity deep in the belly and begin to shift our home base from the head to this centre. This is where we breathe to, whereartial artists and dancers move from, where singers sing from.This area which we call The Lower Dan Tien is a portal into our core self, it is a place rich in vitality and we learn Ocean Breathing to access this hidden treasure.

We discuss Taoist Five Element theory and use the Inner Smile to discover our five elements and to connect with the intelligences of these elements that reside within our organs.We utilise the Six Healing Sounds that vibrate in our organs releasing stagnant energy, tension and toxins. We combine the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds with a Five Animal QiGong Form which uses movements to stimulate the meridians, create movement of the organs and lengthen the tendons. Between each movement we smile into the organ intelligences grow the virtues that reside there.


In the second part of the course we deepen our structure, our breath, our earth and body connection.

We discover our Microcosmic Orbit, the bodies major Yin Yang meridians that include a fire channel that rises up the spine and a water channel that flows down the front of the body. We focus our awareness in these channels and become sensitive to the flow of chi circulating the body. We become aware of our yin becoming yang, our yang becoming yin, we feel the balance returning to our system.We connect to earth, to nature, to solar forces and stella forces circulating through our orbit to support our chi.

We learn about Sexual Health and bring our awareness to the Uterus and Prostate. These deep, dark, areas of the body in our sexual centre are often unconscious spaces wihin us where stagnant energy can be stored and can later manifest as health problems. We shine the light of our conscious mind into these areas.

We connect with our sexual essence and circulate this to nourish our organs. We learn how to integrate the practices in our daily lives. We become stronger and more able to resist illness and stress.

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