Fusion of the Five Elements 1

The Fusion I meditation shows us step by step how to remove the negative emotions from the organs.
They are neither suppressed or expressed, instead, their negative energy is bought to specific points in the body where it is easily neutralised, purified and then transformed back into our original, positive creative energy.
We learn how to crystalise and store this energy into a mysterious pearl.
This is the essence of our life-force energy or chi.
5 Elements Soul Theatre employs the power of natural virtue
to dissolve negative patterns.
We also review Five Animal do the Healing Sounds Chi Kung and Embracing Heaven & Earth Chi Kung

Fusion of the Five Elements 2 & 3

In the second level of the Fusion practice the positive energies of the organs are fused into a pearl of Compassion.
This is used to open up the three thrusting channels running from the perineum to the crown
and the Belt Channels encircling the body.

The third level of Fusion practice completes the cleansing of the energy channels in the body
by opening the positive and negative leg and arm channels.
The unhindered circulation of energy is the foundation of perfect physical and emotional health.
The Fusion practice is one of the greatest achievements of the ancient Taoist masters,
as it gives the individual a way of freeing the body of negative emotions,   
and, at the same time, allows the pure virtues to shine forth.


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