Tai Chi Chi Kung 1


The classical Tai chi chuan form has 13 movements -- 8 techniques and 5 directions.
These are: Ward off, Rollback, Press, Push, Pull down, Elbow, Shoulder, Split, North, South, West, East and Centre.
Practiced clockwise and counter clockwise in a narrow space, this form contains the basics of Tai chi chuan,
and is an excellent exercise and learning tool for those who are interested in a short and compact
but challenging form of Tai chi chuan.

The form it self is very short and easy to learn and enables the focus to be on the inner structure and energetics
In the practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung, the increased energy flow developed through
Tao Fundamentals, Iron Shirt and Fusion practices
are integrated into one unified movement.


anabel one of our younger tai chi enthusiasts
showing the importance of the smile
in the tai Chi form

anabel's stance is a little wide,
but she assures me this is due to nappy problems
rather than faulty instruction

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