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December 09

Boxing Day at the Stone Circle above Penmaenmawr in North Wales


A magical place, very exuberating.


November 09

Big Dipper Qi Gong in Bucharest

While in Bucharest having Dinner one evening I noticed this Buddha

While having a closer look I was surprised when my host opened the Buddha to reveal an unclothed female figure inside

A most beautiful female godess

I can't help feeling that there is a beautiful naked woman inside every Buddha

This thought makes me happy


Teacher Training


Big Dipper in Colwyn




playing at the stone circle penmaemawr

walking with Iona and Risz near Blaenau
we came across this rather amazing water goddess

September 09

Fun with Michael Winn in Glastonbury


August 09

Sunset at the Stone Circle above Penmaenmawr during Kan & Li week
I have no idea how the second sun appeared.

During Kan & Li week even a saucepan of rice was affected


Swimming Dragon Qi Gong on top of Castle Dinas Emrys

The fabulous Cliffs at South Stack Anglesea

June 09

Just before starting the Big Dipper Course we spent a wonderful evening above Colwyn looking out accross the Conway Estuary and Anglesea


Fiery ceremonies at the Centre in Colwyn



Easter 2009

Easter Darkroom at Tao Centre Colwyn

Early Spring Fusion in Holland and Belgium

In Belgium the venue was a School 'De Bijenkorf. which means The Hive

The words on the school sign translate as 'the hive buzz's with energy'
certainly did our weekend

But the logo! Vesica Pakuas, cool or what.

Dutch Fusionists reveal their Inner Animal


On my way for a weekend teaching in Ross on Wye I called into Tintern Abbey on The River Wye
The energy was very powerful and I had a very enjoyable meditation.

When 3 coachloads of American teenagers arrived I decided it was time to leave.

As I was getting into my car I spotted a sign on one of the Coaches.
'Southern Choirs on Tour in the UK'.

I scurried back inside the Abbey

They were wonderful, singing 3 or 4 songs around the altar,
a place I had been Qi Gonging and meditating in 20 minutes earlier
and if by some quirk of bizarre cosmic chance one of them happens to read this,
Thank you

Feb 2009

Kafiye & Ida

January 6 2009

Icy cold sharp fresh beautiful


Big changes at Tao Centre Colwyn.

I Have been busy from August to December 2008 rebuilding and re decorating
and now there is some completion

Every one who has been to the Centre before will be surprised

Shiny new Gutters and Facias,

New Kitchen.

Fresh Plaster, Insulation and White Paint


September 08

Teachers Meeting with Mantak Chia in Paris

June 2008
Back from China

water heaven

Tan Tien Park, Beijing, Martial Jive


Dragons chatting at the Summer Palace.

While meditating here I felt the Earth moving. It was a fabulous feeling.
Later that day I saw the television news and realised it was the earthquake and wasn't such a good feeling closer to the epicenter.

More China Photos here

May 1st 2008

Spring arrives in Colwyn

April 15th 2008

The Wedding of Alison Pickles and Dominique Loncan



Wonderful day, Good Luck to you both.


March 08
Indian/Spanish/Mexican/ Cuisine at Tao Centre Colwyn

Curry/Paela/Salsa Mmmmmmmm



Winter Solstice 2007

Fun in Snowdonia


A surprisingly fabulous day


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Grand Canyon August September 2012

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