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Books and dvd's by Dirk Oellibrandt

founder and director of Life Projects
Leadership Life Art, Bodywork Organisation

Meridian Chi Kung dvd available from here

After studying Qi Gong and Bodywork for over 20 years Dirk has distilled this set of 18 exercises.
Although the form is simple and easy to learn it covers all meridian funtions and elements

For each of the meridian couples there is an exercise for sensitivity/activation, gaining strength and integration/consciousness.

This set will help you to gain power, sensitivity and consciousness
It gives you the possibility to gain consciousness in your weaker spots and to stregthen them energetically
It is a practical way to learn the meridian trajectories and their specific qualities

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Dirk Oellibrandts Life Vitality Ritual DVD
available here

A wonderfu daily ritual that celebrates the five elements and life,
expressing balance and vitality in your life and your body

The 4-dimensional art of life
available here

This book is the solid foundation of the 4-Dimensional Life method.
It describes in a practical way:
How to become conscious of what life and being human is really all about
How to gain insight into why your life is the way it is now
How to get in touch with what you have got to do in your life
How to integrate spirituality into your practical and worldly life
How to free your potential on the four different levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)
How to see through the illusions of life
How to use the practical experiences of your life for the cultivation of abundance, insight, and love

By seeing all parts of your being and all experiences as they really are, and by living this in the world,
you'll come to the deepest fulfillment of the true experience of being human


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