A Weekend of Alchemical Deep Healing Qi Gong
10am - 6pm April 22nd & 23rd
with the possibility of an extra day on Monday 24th to deepen the process
Tao Centre Colwyn

The cost of this course is decided individually by the participants
as part of Gift Economy
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price paid will include lunch, contact Barry to discuss accommodation

A small group - maximum 6

We utilise simple breath, sound, colour, self massage, bodywork,
meditation, movement, stillness and ceremony
to effectively bring vibrant health, balance, vitality and clarity
into our busy lives.

This weekend involves many different aspects of medical and alchemical qigong.

Rather than heal a part of our self, we explore the potential to transform our whole being.
We combine the five element power of the sun, the earth and our inner family
in an alchemical healing ceremony, to dissolve our habitual chronic patterns and resistance to change.
This can allow us to give birth to the seed of our full potential, which we can express from deep within our core.

We address each element within us, each fragment of our unity;
we become aware of these separate little ego's within us and mobilise them into a team.
A team which has the potential - when working together in harmony, openness and trust -
to become much, much more than the sum of their separate parts allowing
transformational, vital health into the body