Sprrrinng into Summer
We fully release the winter blues as we prepare and rejuvenate the body for a sparkling Summer
in the warmth of Spring in Southern Spain

For more details and bookings
please contact Sarah
01373 839032

or Barry
0044(0)1492 515776


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Letting go of Winter Blues
Leaping into an Early Spring
Preparing for a Sumptuous Summer

After a dull, wet, cold, winter we prepare for the year ahead with healthy movement,
meditation and massage to open the joints,  extend the tendons and open the heart.

We arrive pm Wednesday March 29th and depart am Tuesday April 4th
Price includes accommodation. breakfast and a light evening meal
in a villa overlooking the sea within walking distance from blue flag beaches.

During the week we will enjoy -
A hot ginger compress and bone marrow chi kung
to refresh our kidneys and help release the winter blues.
Eye exercises and tendon chi kung
to nourish the liver.
A Cacao ceremony and pericardium chi kung
to open our heart for summer,
and transformational bodywork sessions
help us release tension, tightness and the past.

Optional qigong before breakfast,
followed by a morning session. 

the afternoons are free
to enjoy local restaurants that offer a
menu of the day 3 course lunch and a drink
for around 10 euros

followed by a relaxing time on the beach
or in the countryside.

there will be an evening session
and we offer a light evening  meal/salad

We will leave Spain refreshed, relaxed and de-stressed
with smiling, glowing faces and joyful hearts


For more information or to reserve a place, contact Barry
0044 (0) 1492 515776
0044 (0) 7747 051311

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