*Prerequisites to Qualify for Associate Instructor Training Program :

A. Associate Instructor Prerequisites

Home Study

Read books or practice with Home-Study DVDs related to Tao Energy Basic.
Students living in areas with no Instructors around may do Home-Study by Master Chia's web training,
DVD, online video training or other media by UHT Senior Instructors or UHT Certified Instructors.
The student is responsible to give proof of taking the online course.

Prerequisite Training
60 - 70 hours of preparatory training before coming to Associate Instructor training,
which may be facilitated by any level of Instructor.
Hours may include: classes, workshops, retreats or private instruction.
Related experience will be evaluated and exceptions will be considered by the Senior Instructor.

Letter from Trainee
Write why you want to become an associate instructor

Core Practices
A minimum of 40 hours needs to be Tao Energy Basics
(Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Sounds, Chi Self Massage), Iron Shirt (Tree & Turtle),
Simple 5 Qigong Warm ups (Crane & Turtle Neck, Spinal Cord Breathing, Shaking, Sitting Meditation Warm ups),

Additional Practices
20 - 30 hours out of the 60 - 70 hours may come from: Healing Love, Iron Shirt II & III, Fusion I, Tai Chi I,
Tan Tien Qigong or Tao Yin.

Personal Practice
A personal daily practice in the UHT Basic Practices for a minimum of 6 months to one year is recommended.
Associate Instructor Training -- only after having taken the prerequisites

Certification Training Hours
40 hours with a Senior Instructor

Interview and Evaluation with a UHT Senior Instructor and a UHT Instructor
Evaluation Subjects: Theory and Practice of: Warm up, Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit
and Chi Self Massage.

Teaching after Certification
Associate Instructors are only allowed to teach Tao Energy Basics in the area where they live.



* Private study with other Senior Instructors is applicable towards some of your prerequisites.
Tape Instruction is not applicable. Training hours of Instruction with a teacher are necessary.
What is applicable are private lessons, weekend workshops or classes -
- Certification Fee is £25

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend Master Chia's weekend lectures & workshops!

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