special places near tao centre colwyn

beautiful countryside

a favourite place to chill out is green valley, a 20 minute drive away

A most enjoyable walk up a green mountain valley, we scramble up the river from rock to rock,
enjoying the sounds and textures and colours, the dragonflies, the butterflies.
It's a secret valley, I visit often and never see any one there.
It's hands on, a place to lose your self in play, truly being in the moment in nature.

... ......



we don't always take the plunge, this water comes from the highest lake in wales. it can bite


star chapel and well

a timeless place, 15 minutes away

a chapel ruin with an 8 pointed star shaped healing well



still, silent, a wonderful place to meditate

deep limestone cave near the well

above the cave


a side cave

early neanderthal hunter gatherers lived here. bone remains have been found
along with bones of mammoth, straight tusked elephant, lion, rhinoceros, hippopotamus.
another wonderful place to meditate and tone.

inside the cave

orbs deep in the cave


Cliffs at South Stack Anglesea


Castle Dinas Emrys



Lake Crafnant

although wales has a reputation for hot dry mediteranean summers

very ocasionally we have been known to get the odd shower


The Stone Circle
20 min drive + 30 minute walk




a great place to play at sunset


a great place to play any time

spring equinox full moon 2004



At the end of the day

there are many special places

in the vicinity

where locals and visitors gather

in an ancient ceremony

honouring the earth

and its bounty